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Protective Screens & Social Distancing Partitions

Protect your staff and customers with the UK manufactured premium quality screens. Unique and robust this protective screening is suitable for use indoors and out. Easy to clean. Simple to assemble and effective for both staff protection and social distancing.

Protect your


Easy-to-sanitise partitions allow customers to maintain safe social distancing between queues.

Protect your 


A secure and clear protective screen at till points provides a hygienic barrier whilst allowing minimal customer interaction.



Easy-to-sanitise screens help avoid accidental contact and aerosol contamination from sneezes and coughs.

Enhance queue management

Safely re-introduce parallel queues and snake or serpentine queue formations to increase customer throughput in confined areas.

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Quick to assemble

We have a range of pre-cut formats and components that can be quickly and easily assembled with screws and bolts. All fixings required are provided.


Made with easy-to-sanitise 8mm Perspex and powder-coated galvanised steel, screens are available in either a silver or white finish to blend in with your retail environment.


Perspex and steel can be quickly sanitised with a spray and wipe down. In the current climate this should be actively done every two hours.

Strong and secure

Permanent and semi-permanent screens can be bolted to the ground, flexible screen solutions can be built on slim-line free-standing plates. Screens are made from solid 8mm thick Perspex. Posts, cross rails and caps are made from galvanised steel, providing strength yet lightweight.


Our steel posts, cross rails and caps are 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

Made in the UK

All structural components are made in our manufacturing facility in Birmingham, UK.



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